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The aim of the project
    1. The role of ADAR (adenosine deaminases that act on RNA) enzymes edit double-stranded (ds)RNA
    (deamination adenosine to inosine).
    2. This can results in recoding of protein (the edited adenosine is read as guanosine).
    3. New model organism: Mice (strain C57Bl/6N) with different genotype.
    4. Cell culture: Derivation of Mouse embryonic fibroblasts (Mefs).
    Mouse work group (Mary, Liam, Ketty, Jirka, Janka and Pavla).
    Certificate to work with animals.
    Permission to enter the animal House (building Z, MU University).
    GMO traning.
EMBRYONIC Ilustration


Please make the print screen page (PrtSc) with description of what you did and what caused the error and send to me on email Thank you for your help. Your admin :-)